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DeKalb County Community Gardens strengthens access to fresh,
local sustainably-grown organic food for people in need.

DeKalb County Community Gardens (DCCG) is a non-profit organization that manages over 15 acres of growing space. In two short years DCCG has produced nearly ten tons of food donated to local food pantries, day care centers, schools, community meal locations, senior citizen centers and housing units, as well as to the meals on wheels program. DCCG has gardens all over the County, with over 200 raised beds as well as large acreages.

The organization has created working partnerships with neighborhoods, schools, non-profit organizations, municipalities, County government, park districts, forest preserve district, businesses, hospitals, family health centers, foundations, and churches. DCCG is also working with Northern Illinois University and Kishwaukee College; DCCG has over 70 partnerships and sponsors.

DCCG is also creating a community orchard and a food forest. DCCG is also working with partners to create a rural community-owned grocery store in a rural food desert and the Northern Illinois Regional Food Hub and Processing Center. DCCG is also setting up seed libraries with local public libraries. Local Flavors dinners are also sponsored by DCCG.

DCCG reaches thousands in the County through the school and community programs, food donated, educational programs, seed saving and seed swapping events, local flavors dinners, and more.


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