Timeline PhotosDCCG Seeking Perennials Hello everyone! This spring, DeKalb County Community Gardens would like to collect donations of divided perennial plants (particularly food-producing but will consider others) to add to our developing community orchard, food forest, and garden projects. Of particular interest are Raspberries, blackberries, etc. bramble fruits Strawberries Grape vines Asparagus crowns Perennial onions/chives […]


Environmental Studies Student News: Class: Introduction to Local Sustainable Food Systemsniuenvironmetantalstudies.blogspot.com Click Here to Follow the DCCG on Facebook!


CPW – Committee for the Preservation of Wildlife Here is the flyer for the plant sale. Spread the word! Click Here to Follow the DCCG on Facebook!


Grounded: Why soil matters to the health of the planet and usensia.comThe United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has designated 2015 the International Year of Soils, and with good reason. As this infographic shows… Click Here to Follow the DCCG on Facebook!

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